Tuesday, July 25, 2017

RIP sfx321

Born 17 October 1976 
Death 15 June 2017

A friend, a listener, a true rock and roll soul.

It didn't matter what kind of music a DJ was playing... He was tuned in, interacting and requesting. 

He did love rock and roll and heavy metal tho... He loved going to concerts and seeing all of these amazing bands live... and then he would tell us all about it and make us jealous...

You will be missed by many, DJs and listeners alike. I do hope that you are in peace and rocking with all of the legends we lost along the way up there.

Rest in peace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bastardizer Interview!

The pleasure was all ours to interview this awesome thrash- rock metal band rocking it from Australia sinse early 2013. Shoobie, Annora and Jester got to spend some time with Bill Morgan, the man with the fabulous hair and voice and kick ass guitar player. He talked about their influences, stories regarding the band and a whole lot more! 

Check out the interview and give our friends some love!

Download the interview here!

**text by DJ`Annora**