Saturday, November 19, 2016

Radio Meltdown Karaoke: Sing it loudly, send it proudly...

Here at Radio Meltdown we know how much you all love karaoke! So we decided that it warranted its very own email address. Now, when you want to send in your karaoke, just email it to and it will be featured on the next DJ`BooJo Karaoke Hour - featured every second Wednesday, 2-6pm EST.

What could be simpler, eh? So, jump on stage, grab the mic and give it all you've got - we can't wait to hear from you!

Finally, just a reminder [in plenty of time, so you have no excuses lol], that there will be a special Christmas Karaoke Show on Wednesday, 21st December. So make sure you have plenty of egg-nog and party poppers and get ready to start your Christmas in true Radio Meltdown style! 

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