Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shadow Daemon's Book Review Corner

Crushed Gardenias:
I have just finished reading Crushed Gardenias by Heather Osborne and I am left shocked. When she told me book 0 in her Rae Hatting series was short i didn't think it would be as short as it was; and as short as it was i cant help but feel that I've just read a whole novel. I'm sitting here awestruck at such a well written and exquisitely told story in such a short book.  The way she commands attention from the very beginning is masterful and i find myself yearning for more of the story. I recommend to everyone, go to amazon and get this short story, it wont disappoint.

As with Heather Osborne's other books, Hubris doesn't disappoint. As soon as it opens it sucks you right into the story and the intrigue, this time centered around Luke, one of the characters from The Fairest of Them. I read this short book after all of the others and i have to say, even after reading the others, i'm still on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen and what twists and turns are coming. I love how Heather Osborne writes, it keeps you immersed in the story and characters. You can feel all the emotions of the characters in each scene and i find that one of the best things that Heather does in her writing in this book. It's such a short story but as with Crushed Gardenias, it doesn't feel short it feels like you've read a full length 500 page novel. Heather does such a wonderful job of telling the story that even as short as it is it finishes the story beautifully, but as with her other stories, i'm stuck wanting more.

The Fairest of Them:
As soon as The Fairest of Them opens it doesn't disappoint. There is intrigue as well as a bit of  intimacy in this book that wasnt in Crushed Gardenias but its very welcome and gives the characters more of a chance to shine as well as allow the reader to become invested in them and the story. As in Crushed Gardenias i find myself wondering where the story is going and always at the edge of my seat, waiting for something else to happen. I love the way Heather Osborne describes things in this book and as i am still reading i cant wait for more. 

I cant help but laugh as a location i used to visit often as a child is mentioned in this book and happy memories creep to the surface of my mind. There is no shortage of suspence in this book even when you're wishing certain things didnt happen. The Fairest of Them keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting on the next twist and turn and they keep coming until almost the end of the book. There is so much suspence that it keeps you reading and turning the pages till you're done and still wanting more. 

I recommend The Fairest of Them and Crushed Gardenias to anyone out there who loves detective novels or just likes to read in general. Im not a huge detective novel reader and i loved both books.

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