Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Karaoke #2

Ask and Ye shall recieve...
Here is our second Karaoke night all ready for you to download and listen at your own leisure.  Tonight's show saw the amazing talents of..
da_solowaterwolf - Blue
Deja-Vu - Slow Hand
Zsasz - Just Dropped In
Duh_Lerious - mad mag ditties
 Kjo - Landslide
Katherine - Latch
Carebear - Youre my friend
T|mberWolf - Your Man
RhaeLynn - Standing Still
Shoobie - Through Glass
NotHere - rock
Sass - When We Were Young

Remember that karaoke hour isn't just for listeners and chatters who can sing, you can read a poem or a story or even just rant about something near and dear to your heart.  All submissions can be sent to:

The interview is now available to listen to and download. You can get your very own copy right HERE

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