Saturday, May 21, 2016

"THEME TUESDAY" Winners: CLS & scorpio_uk!

This past Tuesday was another “THEME TUESDAY” Show and although it wasn’t quite as much of a stumper as the previous one [which nobody guessed], there were only two people who got it right. Congratulations to CLS from #Purgatory for the chatters and scorpio_uk for the DJs [for the second time] who both correctly guessed that the theme was that all the songs played contained lyrics sung in another language.

They both win the “KUDOS TO YOU” Award and a 10 song block of their choice. CLS’ songs will be played this coming Tuesday and scorpio_uk’s the following week.

Be sure to tune into my “THEME TUESDAY” Show next month and see whether or not you can guess the theme!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ascendia descend on Radio Meltdown!

On Sunday 1st May 2016, DJ He||s_Be||e & DJ`Shadow met up with Billy Lov, the drummer for the Toronto based melodic metal band ASCENDIA. They discussed the breadth of musical influences of the members of Ascendia, varying from contemporaries like Kamelot to the orchestral movie scores of Hanz Zimmer to gospel to Howard Jones, as well as Billy's introduction to making music through his father.

If you missed the show or just want to hear the interview and the complex beauty of Ascendia's sound again, click here to download and listen for yourself.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Dog Day Sunrise Interview is Here!

We had so much fun last Tuesday! DJ Jester and myself, DJ Shoo interviewed Anthony from Dog Day sunrise! He told us about band influences, their future plans, their up and coming album and a lot more!

If you missed it, this is your chance! You can listen to it right HERE