Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Falling Of Hope

This book review is harder for me to write because i know that The Falling of Hope is the last book in The Falling series. The beginning of this book opens with happiness and gives you hope but then it's dashed and you're left feeling heartbroken once again. And i have to say to Marisa Oldham, why do you enjoy breaking so many hearts? I know you're sitting back laughing at all of us that come to you or have come to you when we ask you "Why, why so much pain and heartbreak?" and you sit back and told me for one, "Just keep reading." So anyone who reads The Falling of Grace i laugh at you now and tell you "Just keep reading." like Marisa told me when i read this the first time through. 

There is heartache and joy and so many emotions in this book and I have to say it is my favorite book in The Falling Series even though it is also the last in the series. The Falling of Love is great, The Falling of Grace is even better because Marisa expands upon the story she started in The Falling of Love but The Falling of Hope is even that much better. Not only because it keeps expanding upon the story thus far, but because of everything that happens in the book. The way things proceed, the way it makes you feel throughout the story, slapping you in the face, and telling you to pay attention and that you wont regret it. One of the only complaints that i can think to come up with about any of the three books is the same I've had of the other two, I don't speak french so i keep having to look up words to find out what they are saying. 

Almost halfway through the book now and your emotions get assaulted again all in one scene. Anger, sadness, shock, heartache, Marisa Oldham seems to be a master at manipulating people's emotions through her books and i'm loving every second. What i'm not loving is writing this review, not because i can't, but because i want to talk about what is happening and i can't seem to come up with a way to do it without giving spoilers. Halfway through the book and there is so much going on, and things that have gone on, I want to talk about them all. There's a calmness that i find very relaxing now and i'm enjoying it, because as with the other books, I've read this one before as well and I know what is coming. 

Happiness in the book finally but again, right afterwards Marisa decides to try to make us all cry again. This book is one huge emotional roller-coaster and i swear i can hear Marisa laughing at me as i'm reading this book again. The way she describes one of the places later on in this book makes me want to visit it badly. I wont say where it is so that I don't spoil anything but I definitely want to go visit and spend a whole month there. 

There are times in the last hundred pages that I'm thinking to myself oh gods please.... because i want two of the characters together so badly because I've gotten so invested in them. For anyone who believes in true love or thinks that two people who are meant to be are meant to be, then please go read The Falling Series you wont be disappointed at all because Marisa Oldham is such a wonderful writer. I love all three of these books and by far The Falling of Hope is my favorite of the three. Thank you for a wonderful series Marisa Oldham and i cannot wait to read Learning to Breathe.

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