Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Falling Of Grace

As soon as The Falling of Grace opens, my heart swells seeing the very first scene and for those of you who have read The Falling of Love, you know why. In the first few pages i felt anger and hope and confusion as well as other emotions just from this one scene. There is so much going on just between two characters. It's the first real time i felt anger toward the main character Grace, the first, but not last. I want to yell at Marisa Oldham for making me want to slap sense into two characters from a book and laugh at the thought. There is one small spoiler that i will give in this review and it's not even really a spoiler. It starts in a city that is one I've always wanted to visit because it just sounds so lovely. And if you don't think it sounds wonderful, well there's always the Eiffel Tower.  

Within the first two chapters I feel shock and awe as well as anger, sadness, the loss of hope for the main character Grace as well as another character, then the discovery of new hope for both. There was such a wide range of emotions that i actually needed to take a break for a few minutes between chapter two and three, so that i could write part of this review, so that i could go back and read more. My light bulb in my living room also blew, so reading the book any further during the night hours just wasn't going to happen either because i was reading the paperback version. (which i now have a copy on my computer that i am finishing it on for this review.)

Reading further and further into The Falling of Grace and things are happy, until it makes you want to rage once again as the book slaps you in the face and asks you if you really thought that it would be that easy. There are so many emotions happening in this book that even halfway through, i'm feeling emotionally weary. I love the way Marisa Oldham writes her books, she makes you invested in the characters, so much so that when bad things happen you want to scream or cry or go to Marisa and yell at her. The Falling of Grace, in my opinion, is better than The Falling of Love, but that's not to say that i don't love The Falling of Love because i do.

And again, about three quarters of the way through the book and it makes you want to cry. The things that happen in this book and the way Marisa Oldham describes them is wonderfully done. It makes you feel everything and I for one want to just keep reading and reading. I've already read this book once and i know what is coming at the end and i don't want to come to the end of this book because of that, but even knowing that i don't want to stop reading. 

Almost done with the book now and looking back on everything in the book there are so many emotions to experience throughout this book. As i said earlier, The Falling of Grace is better than The Falling of Love in my opinion, not because The Falling of Love is bad or anything but because Marisa Oldham improved upon a story she had already begun in The Falling of Love. While i don't agree with everything that happens in this book i understand why it has to happen the way it does and that it leaves you yearning for more. But to me, The Falling of Grace leaves you heartbroken as well, at least it did for me because of the characters i was secretly rooting for.

Marisa Oldham, I've read all three of your books and i cannot wait to read any others you release. I strongly suggest if you haven't gone and gotten her books on kindle or in paperback, that you do so because you are missing out. 

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