Saturday, April 2, 2016

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The way Marisa Oldham describes just the beginning few pages of The Falling of Love is masterful. 

I remember my own awkward teen days in high school and remember some of the same feelings that she describes and it's awesome, she catches all the awkwardness of teens perfectly. the way she describes the settings of each new scene is also masterfully done and it keeps the reader engaged in the story. 

I've read all three of her books before and as i read this one again i find that i don't want to put it down again, or should i say i don't want to minimize my kindle so that i can even write this review. I find myself sucked into the story again. I'm not the type of person who likes to read a story more than once. I find that once I've read a book if i try to go back and read it again, even more than a year later, i can read a few sentences in and remember everything that happened in the book, as I am reading The Falling of Love and at this point i'm only a few pages in. 

I'm already remembering everything, but i still don't want to minimize my kindle to type this up. Reading more and more of this book and I can't give any spoilers because i promised Marisa Oldham that i wouldn't, but i can say that there are things in here that make you want to scream and cry and put the book down and yell at it but you can't, it makes you want to keep reading. There is plenty of emotions in this book. as before, it makes you want to scream, or cry, or sometimes even makes you want to rage against the book, or at least i did at times, could just be me and the things I've lived through but it's true, there are things that happen in this book that I'm sure everyone can relate to. but again, I can't go into detail because that would be spoilers. 

When you get to the end of the book like i did, I wanted more, the story is engaging and you always want more. At the time when i read this the first time The Falling of Grace wasn't released yet, I remember wanting to scream at Marisa Oldham and her editor(s), because lets face it there were a few who she relied upon to help her find mistakes that she herself had overlooked, just like i know there are mistakes in this review, though it's not a book . I wanted to yell at them all to hurry up so i could read more about Grace and Michelle and everyone else. i wanted to see what else would happen. But, you will all have to wait just like I did, at least till next week when i do a review of The Falling of Grace. That is, unless you have all three of The Falling books already. Happy Reading and Marisa Oldham and all you who help her, keep up the awesome work. It's very much appreciated.

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