Thursday, March 3, 2016

"THEME TUESDAY" WINNERS: scorpio_uk & saskia!

It's quite a while since I have done a “THEME TUESDAY” show, but the one that I did last week was great fun! Thanks to everyone who joined in and had a go at guessing what the theme was. There were a lot of great guesses and plenty of near misses, but in the end the winners were scorpio_uk for the DJs and saskia from #chat on the server for the listeners, who correctly guessed that the answer was all the songs played were cover versions by someone who was the opposite sex to the original recording artist. 

Congratulations to both of them who receive not only the “KUDOS TO YOU!” award, but also £10,000,000 [sorry, just joking!] a 10 song block of their choice to be played on my next two Tuesday shows – scorpio_uk’s will be played next week and saskia’s the week after. 

I am planning to run "THEME TUESDAY" every 4th week and there will be two winners each time – one from the DJs and one from the listeners, so make sure you tune into my “Top Tuneage for a Tuesday” show to have a chance at getting your songs played on air!

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