Monday, November 16, 2015

Kong Interview

As many of our listeners know, Radio meltdown has always tried to bring you new music that you may not have heard yet and twitter has become an amazing resource for that.  So why not join the BooJo team on Wednesday November the 18th from 2pm until 5pm Est as they introduce them to a band they found on twitter.

Kong is a Norwegian Rock / Metal band that delight in bringing you their unique twist on the music scene.  An old school band risen from the ashes of the late 80's with influences from the 70's but with a 2015 attitude.  

Join DJ's Booya and KJo when they  introduce the world to Kong from Norway, lets show the world a warm Meltdown welcome to the family.  Remember the dat November 18 from 2 - 5pm EST.

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