Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Narrow Plains Interview Is Here...

Recently we have had the pleasure of interviewing some awesome indie bands here on Radio Meltdown and helping get their name out there to the listening public and Tuesday 20th October was no exception when DJ`He||s_Be||e and DJ`Detroit_Poor interviewed the acoustic indie rock band Narrow Plains!

Their lead singer, Charlie Ferriday, told us about their visit to Deep River studios in North Carolina for a 3-day session with the legendary John Davenport as a result of being chosen by a panel of prestigious US music experts as the Judges’ Pick 2014 for Bands4Good, how it felt to win Hard Rock Rising London 2015 and about their upcoming new album due to be released early next year.

If you were unable to tune in and missed out on the fun, don’t despair, just click HERE and you can listen to the interview with one of the hottest new indie bands to come out of the UK!

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