Sunday, July 12, 2015

STARDOG Interview

Radio Meltdown has always been a huge supporter of lesser known bands, and have tried to bring recognition to the bands that we believe to have their names in lights and again we have found a true treasure.  We are delighted to bring you an interview with the band Stardog, so why not tune on in and find out all about this amazing band.

Stardog mix their old school rock with a newer twist, to bring you the unique sound that has seen them rise quickly in the secondary charts and well on their way to becoming a permanent fixture on the billboard charts.  We are grateful that they reached out to us as a station to introduce us to their amazing music and we think y'all will love them too.

So tune on in and join DJ Shoo and her guests as she lets slip the Dogs of war,  July 13th at 9pm EST.  We promise you wont regret a single second of it.

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