Thursday, July 16, 2015

Inside The DJ Booth with DJ`Zeronaire

Ever wondered what made your favorite DJ tick? Their first favorite songs? Their first concerts? Maybe some of their musical guilty pleasures?

Inspired by James Lipton’s “Inside the Actors Studio,” this series, hosted by DJ Zeronaire, aims to answer all these questions and more from YOUR favorite Meltdown DJs!

Following the hosts various questions will come the Pivot Questionnaire, an intriguing series of 10 questions that have shown themselves to be deceptively revealing. And finally, you, the Meltdown listeners, will have a chance to ask questions in a brief session of Q&A.

Can’t tune in to the live show? Don’t worry! Each episode will be recorded and posted here on the blog for your listening pleasure! Hope to see you there!

Tonight the DJ being interviewed will be the one and only...the verrrry sexy...DJ`Sass! So tune in 8pm EST and have your questions ready! 

- DJ`Zeronaire

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