Friday, June 26, 2015

I Am Batman!

For those of you tuned in last Sunday for my show, you were part of a contest to identify the djs in a cartoon (take a look at the cartoon with all the djs and who is who here). That was just the start of something new here on Radio Meltdown.

We are creating cartoons with conversations that happen between the djs... There are a few reasons for that. Other than us being funny as hell, we want our listeners to have a peek into what it is like to be part of this crazy family that we call Radio Meltdown.

If you were tuned in on Tuesday for DJ`Jester's show, you probably heard a snippet of his "come back from retirement" interview. He applied to be a new DJ as CitzenX, and fooled everyone that he was someone else... till the voice interview date... If you missed it, you can have an idea of how that interview went down.

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