Monday, June 1, 2015

Dark Beauty Interview

We here at Radio meltdown are a great supporter of indie bands, we have always respected the struggle that new bands go through to get their music out there in the big old world.  So we do our best to bring You our valued and beloved listeners the very best new music that we can find, and with the bands permissions we play their songs and occasionally get lucky enough to interview them so that you get a chance to get to know the band members and enjoy their unique brand.

One such band is Dark Beauty, and luckily for us liltech scored the interview with them on the 24th of May.  Liltech has always brought us a wide range of bands and a huge variety of music, and his interview with Dark Beauty was a blast.. To hear the interview and some of Dark Beauty's news click the link here.

The interview is now available to download and you can get your very own copy right HERE

...or listen to it here:

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