Thursday, April 16, 2015


When you join the #Radiomeltdown rooms you will come to know our good friend and very friendly bot BoomBotz.  This cute lil piece of technology will post whatever you say in the #Radiomeltdown room as if you are in ALL of our #Radiomeltdown rooms across all of our servers - and also tell you what everyone else is saying. Let's see if I can help you understand...

<BoomBotz> [Shoobie][xx]: is that for luck?

Shoobie said that on the XXX Chatters server, but BoomBotz has acted like an intercom and announced it everywhere.

The abbreviations are as follows:
nu - NuPHRAX
xx - XXXchatters
bi - Bondage.International
rz - Rizon
(Remember, you cannot mention the ‘server names’ in any #Radiomeltdown room as some network servers will ban for that.)

- To see the rules for the #Radiomeltdown room type:   !RMRules
- To request a song from the live DJ, type in the room:  !request Artist Name – Song Title

Thank You for choosing Radio Meltdown, now sit back.. enjoy the music and make some friends!


  1. I love being a MeltHead! It's not really because of the music; music you can get and listen to anywhere. It's wonderful DJs that really make this place ROCK!
    HUGS - I love you all :) wag wag wag

  2. Hello Melthead Friends - is this the place everyone is hanging out then or am I a total fuckwit tech retard as usual? :) lmao! - Paul

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  7. Radio Meltdown Rocks the Internet! I love tuning in on the weekends and shaking my tail to all the great music!
    And the DJs - are so amazingly funny and at the same time true and genuine people. Thank you for being such a big part of my life!

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