Thursday, April 16, 2015


When you join the #Radiomeltdown rooms you will come to know our good friend and very friendly bot BoomBotz.  This cute lil piece of technology will post whatever you say in the #Radiomeltdown room as if you are in ALL of our #Radiomeltdown rooms across all of our servers - and also tell you what everyone else is saying. Let's see if I can help you understand...

<BoomBotz> [Shoobie][xx]: is that for luck?

Shoobie said that on the XXX Chatters server, but BoomBotz has acted like an intercom and announced it everywhere.

The abbreviations are as follows:
nu - NuPHRAX
xx - XXXchatters
bi - Bondage.International
rz - Rizon
(Remember, you cannot mention the ‘server names’ in any #Radiomeltdown room as some network servers will ban for that.)

- To see the rules for the #Radiomeltdown room type:   !RMRules
- To request a song from the live DJ, type in the room:  !request Artist Name – Song Title

Thank You for choosing Radio Meltdown, now sit back.. enjoy the music and make some friends!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Alexa De Strange Interview

As you Meltheads know, radio Meltdown has a history of supporting indie bands.  We believe that they deserve support as they try to break into the music scene, so we play their music and promote them the best that we can.  In the spirit of doing that once more DJ`Shoo will be having an interview with Alexa De Strange, a hard rock band from England on the 30th of April.  So why not tune on in and get to know Alexa De Strange and their amazing music, we can guarantee that you will not regret a single second of it.
Remember that is 30th of April from 6 - 9 pm 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Hippity Hoppity Easter

The Radio Meltdown Family would like to extend our love and well wishes to all of our listeners.  We hope that each of you have a very hoppy Easter, please stay safe this holiday season... and may the cute lil bunny bring each and every one of you a sweet treat on Sunday morning.