Monday, March 16, 2015

Metal Madness Show!!!

Everyone has that DJ that they tune into every week, that one DJ whose shows they would never miss.  For a lot of Meltheads that DJ has and will always be Jester, his metal madness shows were the highlight of everyone's week as he introduced us to new bands or reminded us of old ones.  His stories would leave you in stitches as he dragged you through every genre of metal there is, effortlessly making you smile and head bang along with him.

You our loyal Meltheads have demanded the best, so join Shoobie, Rhae,  sass and skitten as they bring you music from Jester's vaults.  You never know who might join us on air to share a story about Jester, or if even the great man himself will show up to share a few stories with us.

Thursday the 19th... 8 pm until midnight

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