Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Metal Madness Show

On Thursday the 19th of March, DJ's Shoobie, sass, Rhae and skitten put on a metal madness show as a way to show one of our favourite DJ's that he was missed and loved by everyone who has ever been fortunate enough to catch one of his shows. Jester has been well known for his metal madness shows in the past, so the girls trawled through logs to find songs that were played by him in an effort to put on a show reminiscent of his.

The show went off without a hitch and the girls were soon joined on air by Jester, who was both grateful and highly flattered by the success of the show and the amount of work that he knew had gone into planning such an awesome event.

Now for the exciting news!!  Did you miss the Metal Madness Show?? are you regretting that decision?? well never fear, the show is now available to download and you can get your very own copy right HERE

...or listen to it here:

(Not currently available in Internet Explorer. Please download the mp3 itself.)

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