Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Metal Madness Show

On Thursday the 19th of March, DJ's Shoobie, sass, Rhae and skitten put on a metal madness show as a way to show one of our favourite DJ's that he was missed and loved by everyone who has ever been fortunate enough to catch one of his shows. Jester has been well known for his metal madness shows in the past, so the girls trawled through logs to find songs that were played by him in an effort to put on a show reminiscent of his.

The show went off without a hitch and the girls were soon joined on air by Jester, who was both grateful and highly flattered by the success of the show and the amount of work that he knew had gone into planning such an awesome event.

Now for the exciting news!!  Did you miss the Metal Madness Show?? are you regretting that decision?? well never fear, the show is now available to download and you can get your very own copy right HERE

...or listen to it here:

(Not currently available in Internet Explorer. Please download the mp3 itself.)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Thank You

DJ's Shoobie, sass, RhaeRhae and skitten would like to thank each and every person who tuned in last night and made our show for Jester amazing and wonderful.  We would like to remind you all that you are the reason that we all take the air every week, but your love and support helped to show someone very important to the Radio Meltdown family that you guys truly appreciate the work that we put into our shows.  
So Thank you again Meltheads, you truly are the very best audience that any station could ask for, and we love each and every one of you.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Metal Madness Show!!!

Everyone has that DJ that they tune into every week, that one DJ whose shows they would never miss.  For a lot of Meltheads that DJ has and will always be Jester, his metal madness shows were the highlight of everyone's week as he introduced us to new bands or reminded us of old ones.  His stories would leave you in stitches as he dragged you through every genre of metal there is, effortlessly making you smile and head bang along with him.

You our loyal Meltheads have demanded the best, so join Shoobie, Rhae,  sass and skitten as they bring you music from Jester's vaults.  You never know who might join us on air to share a story about Jester, or if even the great man himself will show up to share a few stories with us.

Thursday the 19th... 8 pm until midnight

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DJ' scorpio's Thursday Show

Hey Meltheads On Thursday from 2pm until 6pm DJ`scorpio will be doing a very special show, He is going to take you travelling.  So put your thinking caps and get ready to request songs that have place names in the title.  You could go to Africa with Toto, or Lynyrd Skynyrd could tell you all about their sweet home  Alabama.

Remember thats DJ' Scorpio, Thursday 2 - 6pm