Friday, October 24, 2014

Yay New Stuff

RadioMeltdown has moved! We're now at so change your players and your bookmarks because here is where we are to stay!

The Owners, Managers and staff of Radio Meltdown would like to announce some amazing new changes that are coming to the station, Firstly none of these changes should in any way interfere with your listening pleasure but they will increase the stability and quality of our stream and web services.

As many of our long time listeners have come to realise the past few months have seen many changes in staff befall our station, while we have lost some valued team members we have gained some amazing new talent and some awesome new things are in the works to increase your pleasure.

We as a team would like to wish Dominus, Allure, Twisted Chaos, andie, ahava and kris good luck and good fortune in all of their future endeavours.. we would also like to congratulate and welcome our newest team members Detroit Poor, Zeronaire, Evil Eric, Dark Temptress, Country Girl and last but definetly not least minnie to the amazing Meltdown family.

Keep it locked and loud and stay tuned for all of the changes that are about to Rock Your World.

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