Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Contribution from a Listener: Radio Meltdown - Are you not tuned in yet?!?

PS (Age Disclaimer) – This radio station is meant for adults only and hence if you are under 18 years then it is best avoided. The DJs are there to seduce you and mesmerize you with their seductive voices and that could be one of the reasons why they have an age disclaimer before any LIVE DJ goes on AIR!

BIG LOSS if you have not yet streamed in to this particular station! Oh yes, indeed! I have tuned in to a lot of online radio stations (quite common these days) however there is nothing like Radio Meltdown. It is one of the best stations I have come across and if you have not yet heard them then once you tune in, you will sure know the difference yourself. They play mostly English music however they do have special shows as well where they would surely play anything you would wish to listen to J

While Mercury keeps playing music 24 X 7, 365 days – there are awesome DJs as well who are tuned in and take requests through different modes and methods which make them unique from other radio stations. They are on Facebook, Twitter, IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Web and also through EMAILS! Oh yes, so many ways to reach out to them and you will not regret tuning in to them (ever)! You will in fact be addicted to listening to them once you tune in just like I got addicted. I am tuned in all the time and there is not a single moment I have regretted.

There are DJ’s from all across the globe and there will be a DAY soon (hopefully) that they will have a 24 hours coverage on the station. They are currently hiring DJ’s and if you want to know more or want to be a part of DJ family for Radio Meltdown then all you have to do is reach out to any of DJ’s or login to the homepage, http://www.radiomeltdown.org/index.html of Radio Meltdown to learn more!

The webpage also provides us direction to tune in through different possible ways. You can now tune in to the Radio even while you are on the move (provided you have an Android phone) or also while actually working on something which does not need you to be pay any attention to the noise in the background. Music helps you soothe your mind and nothing like listening to the lovely DJ’s and music while doing any kind of work (at office or home). I am sure a lot of my friends would sure acknowledge the fact (because they are also tuned in all the time). I would not have taken “NO” for an answer from them without them having tuned in to make an opinion. Trust me, once they heard, they never wanted to listen to anything else but Radio Meltdown.

Radio Meltdown is addictive and so are the DJs. I have been listening to Radio Meltdown for as long as I remember (well to be precise from almost 4 months now) and I have not been disappointed even for a minute of streaming in to the station. I have learnt about different types of music, different genres, different artists and different cultures as well just through being tuned in Radio. It has been very educational for me in a lot of ways and it has also been my best buddy whenever I have felt low. The kind of music even that is played while on Auto DJ is like awesome. The collection of music varies from rock n roll to slow romantic numbers, from twist and shout to dancing numbers, from heavy metal to country. Yes, they have it all and they will play it for you just the way you want them to.

They are working on setting up different ways of reaching out to them and I think with a little bit of motivation and ideas from us (as part of our contribution) to the lovely people who have created this whole new world and experience for us; I am sure we can make this one of the best stations online, provided we all show them our appreciation by writing in to them and by also trying to connect to them. They follow the Eastern Time schedule zone however Google sure helps you convert the timings as well to ensure you do not miss any of the shows that the LIVE DJs perform / conduct.

I am known to be one of the major fans who promotes the radio station and hence I would be glad to be able to assist anyone with queries related to the station or the DJs (I will sure try to do my best and not to disappoint anyone). I know most of the DJs and the type of music they play as well however there are some DJs who are currently on hiatus and hence I have not heard them else I think I know everyone well. I am tuned in to the station for as long as I am not sleeping and I have changed my routine as well because I am so hooked on to hear the DJs, they sure make it worth a while! Live shows by the DJs are more entertaining and like I have mentioned even earlier, it is not only about music – they make it very interactive and who knows, YOU, might be one of the guest too on their shows. Oh yes, they do have special guest shows and also there are times we have DJ parties on AIR which is like a fun thing to witness.
If I have missed out on mentioning this before, the icing on the cake is the Sunday Karaoke shows. One of my all time favourite show and I keep looking forward to Sunday. There are some awesome singers (amongst the DJs and amongst the audience as well) who record their Karaokes and send it to the email address that is specified in the site. The recorded songs are played on Sunday and once you listen to them, you sure will want more of them. Well for those who are not aware what Karaoke stands for - It is a form of interactive entertainment in which singers (the beginners who want sing because it is a hobby) sing along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone and public address system. If you are interested in recording your own song and if you are not sure of how to get it done then do get in touch with any of the DJs and they will be able to assist you to record your own song too. Like I have mentioned before; they are all approachable, pleasant, cordial, communicative and affable.

The DJ details are available on the website however since this is my way of showing my gratitude and love to all the DJs (23 of them), I would like to mention each of them here. Thank you (not in any special order):
DJ`He||s_Be||e, DJ`Intruder (on hiatus), DJ`Shoo, DJ`Kris, DJ`Jester, DJ`Haunting, DJ`Andie, DJ`Twisted`Chaos, DJ`TheJoker, DJ`liltech, DJ`RhaeRhae, DJ`scorpio_uk, DJ`Loki, DJ`Chris, DJ`cubbie (on hiatus), DJ`Tasha (on hiatus), DJ`Allure (on hiatus), DJ`Outlaw, DJ`skitten, DJ`Sweet, DJ`sass, DJ`Shadow and DJ`ahava. These DJs are from different parts of the Globe and amongst their friendly attitude, they all have 2 attributes in common, their endless love for music and their endless affection towards all the listeners who tune in to the station. So stream in and read about them through their webpage and get to know them more through whatever way you can reach out to them.

I am sure you all will love them with their randomized and dedicated music shows as much as I do, provided you tune in! Hence do tune in (without fail)!

[AmazingQueen, #CafeChat on DALnet]