Sunday, July 28, 2013

DJ`Mercury now takes YOUR music requests!

That's Right!  I'm the hot DJ now!
It’s been a long time coming, but our autodj, the wonderfully talented and versatile DJ`Mercury will now take your music requests when he takes over for one of our live DJs!!   Thanks to the tireless efforts of our own DJs He||s_Be||e and Shoobie, our autodj is now YOUR autodj!  You can check out his music library, search for your favorite song and ask him to play it for you.  Whenever DJ`Mercury is spinning on Radio Meltdown he’ll be happy to play your requests for you!  You may also notice he's announcing songs as well.

You can reach DJ`Mercury’s request page from our Radio Meltdown homepage or by clicking here.  You can browse through the library alphabetically or use the search function to find the artist or song title of your choice.   The bot will take one requests from any of our listeners every 5 minutes, so make your choice, sit back, and listen to your favorite music on Radio Meltdown!! 

Music so HOT it will melt your MIND!

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