Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DJ`Jester is NOW GREEEEEN!!!!!

          Hello fellow MeltHeads!! So, about a month or so ago, DJ`Jester challenged all of the DJs to get 150 more “Likes” on our fabulous Facebook page. I love a good challenge and wanted to make sure it happened. And guess what.... IT HAPPENED!!! All of the DJs made sure to promote the contest on the air and get all their friends and listeners to “like” the page. It was a combined effort and has been successfully accomplished. Yes, indeed VICTORY was getting a total of 250 likes; we now have 258 (as of 3/11/13 around 7:15 PM est).

        True to his word, the Mad Metal Man has indeed gone green and posted his photo in all his green glory, as promised!! If you haven't “Liked” us on Facebook, please feel free to still do so at!! Remember to keep it LOUD and LOCKED to Radio Meltdown!!

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