Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Karaoke Special Guests - 2012 Season

Our "Brazilian Bombshell," DJ shoo does a great job as one of Radio Meltdown's founding DJs, but her own very special gift to dedicated Meltheads everywhere is her Monday night "Karaoke Meltdown." On her regular 6pm to 9pm show, she features a segment where listeners and even other RM DJs submit their own recordings of songs they have done and she plays them, to the great amusement of her audience and all the participants. It's a fun segment from a great DJ and it's extremely popular.

As of October 1, 2012, the segment will be on hiatus until sometime in December, but we thought we'd take the opportunity at this point to highlight one especially fun part of the segment that Radio Meltdown developed this year. Owing to a suggestion from Paul Quigley of the UK band Hells Belles, last Spring we started featuring a Special Guest on some of the shows, usually someone famous singing the kinds of songs you might never expect them to know. Or want to sing. Or want to have you hear them sing.

Shoo gets the songs at the last minute before showtime, she never knows who the guest is, she never knows which song they will perform and the first time she hears it is when she plays the song for the audience. The Special Guest is always the last song she plays in the Karaoke Meltdown segment, and for good reason. Experience has taught shoo to keep an inhaler around for after the song and she often has trouble talking through her own peals of very infectious laughter. The audience members who are with us in the Radio Meltdown chat room (available on our main website) also seem to get a big kick out of the Special Guest appearances.

Now that the segment has stopped for the rest of the season, we thought we'd take the opportunity to recap all the Special Guests who have appeared on Karaoke Meltdown this year and give our friends a chance to hear any of the performances they might have missed.

James Mason

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Peter Lorre

Jimmy Stewart

Toshiro Mifune & Ken Watanabe

Elmer Fudd

Walter Brennan

Richard Nixon

Mr Krabs (feat Sponge Bob & Patrick)

John Wayne

Edward G. Robinson

James Cagney & Humphrey Bogart