Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Loudest Cat in Creation

"Yeah?   What?!"

As many of the listeners to my Sunday afternoon show, Musical Intrusions, are aware I share my home with a cat.  Not just any cat, a vocal and talkative cat.  A LOUD, vocal and talkative catTiger has always been that way, and since kitten-hood in a multi-cat two-person household, always been very definitively MY cat; very demonstrative and with a decidedly dog-like tendency to follow me around from room to room (when not off snoozing).  In the unfortunate circumstance that a closed door exists between us, Tiger not only 'meows' at the threshold, but has learned to press his snout to the bottom of the door so that the sound of him, already preternaturally loud, carries directly into the room and in some cases is even amplified by bouncing off the floor.  I just don't bother closing him out of rooms I am in anymore; it was more of an issue when we were a multi-cat household.  Alas, Tiger is the last of his adopted siblings and always been rather devoted to me.  So when he sees me sitting at the computer wearing a strange get-up on my head, and talking, his very cat-like vanity assumes I must be addressing him and he answers.  There are enough cat lovers around; you know how it goes.

"And catnip is for pussies!!"
Could be worse.  I could be sharing my domicile with this little fellow instead.  Count yer blessings!

The little guy in the video below is not a young Tiger, but it amply demonstrates why some of us live with cats.

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