Friday, December 28, 2012

Stevie Wonder Christmas Day Concert in Rio

by DJ Shoobie

That’s right! We got an awesome Christmas gift! A concert at Copacabana beach for free! It started around 8 pm with the Brazilian singer/songwriter Gilberto Gil. His daughter sang a song or two during his performance.

Gilberto Gil sang a lot of old tunes and approximately 500,000 happy people sang along with him.  Despite the heat, you could hardly walk around.

Around 10 pm, Stevie Wonder got on stage and started talking to the audience. He played a lot of his most well-known songs and even played the Girl From Ipanema on the harmonica. That drove the audience crazy!  He played the harmonica and the audience sang it in Portuguese… That specific moment gave me goosebumps!!!

The song that most people were waiting for was I just called to say I love you… I was a bit disappointed when it was Gilberto Gil that started singing it… in Portuguese… I am not a fan of the Portuguese version of the song, but after the first part of the song it was Stevie Wonder singing and the crowd exploded in harmony, cheering and singing along with him.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lord Nelson - The Live Interview

On Tuesday evening, October 2,  Radio Meltdown DJs Shoo, Jester and Intruder spent a lively few hours with musical artist Lord Nelson.    We talked about his life and his career and played music from his latest release: Lord Nelson featuring Lies  “Fight – My struggle between heaven and hell”

The interview may be heard in its entirety at the listen link below.

Lord Nelson is a larger than life performer, and for man who describes himself as 6’ 5” and 300 lbs, that is a remarkable accomplishment in itself.   He grew up in a military family and as such traveled all over the United States and several foreign countries during his youth.  He learned to appreciate the different styles and genres of music he heard in his travels and today tries to incorporate many stylistic elements into his music.    When not on tour, Lord Nelson splits his time between his home in Columbia, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

Lord Nelson is the lead singer for the band Stuck Mojo, a Rap metal group based in Atlanta.  He was introduced to the group by his friend and the band's former lead singer, Bonz.  His first studio album with the group was Southern Born Killers, released in 2008.  Stuck Mojo is considered to be one of the pioneers of rap metal, which Lord Nelson carries successfully into his solo effort Fight.”  As DJ Jester observes, follows in the footsteps of groups like Run-D. M. C. and Aerosmith, Beastie Boys and others but with a sound that manages to be unique and authentic all by itself.

Jester asked Lord Nelson about the differences in the audiences when touring between the US and Europe.  He said that US audiences make you work harder for their acceptance as they have so many bands to choose from; if you meet their expectations, they join in and have a good time.  In Europe, they love American rock bands and usually come to the show willing to get into the music and enjoy it without hesitation.   The audiences in Europe are more immediately responsive, more willing to trust the performers.

When Shoo asked Lord Nelson about future plans for touring (with a special plea to come to Rio de Janeiro, her home town), he mentioned that he is in discussions about going out on tour.  He indicated there is a certain amount of difficulty getting a  tour established with LIES as they are a French-based band and touring in the US presents an additional hurdle that has to be overcome.  He mentioned future touring with Stuck Mojo as a possibility as well.  As for Europe, there is a tour planned for next year.

Lord Nelson spent a generous 3 hours with the three Radio Meltdown DJs, and the entire interview has an enjoyable, relaxed but informative feel to it.  We feel priveledged to have had this large-spirited artist take time from his busy schedule to spend with us.  All the DJs at Radio Meltdown truly love this man's music and will continue to feature it on our shows.   If you haven't heard Lord Nelson or his music, what are you waiting for?  

Songs by Lord Nelson heard during the interview:

Until I Die
Get Your Mind Right
Dark Side
F%$k You
Hold On
I Know
The Lord

Lord Nelson’s music is available through iTunes.

For more information on Lord Nelson, his touring plans, his music:

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Karaoke Special Guests - 2012 Season

Our "Brazilian Bombshell," DJ shoo does a great job as one of Radio Meltdown's founding DJs, but her own very special gift to dedicated Meltheads everywhere is her Monday night "Karaoke Meltdown." On her regular 6pm to 9pm show, she features a segment where listeners and even other RM DJs submit their own recordings of songs they have done and she plays them, to the great amusement of her audience and all the participants. It's a fun segment from a great DJ and it's extremely popular.

As of October 1, 2012, the segment will be on hiatus until sometime in December, but we thought we'd take the opportunity at this point to highlight one especially fun part of the segment that Radio Meltdown developed this year. Owing to a suggestion from Paul Quigley of the UK band Hells Belles, last Spring we started featuring a Special Guest on some of the shows, usually someone famous singing the kinds of songs you might never expect them to know. Or want to sing. Or want to have you hear them sing.

Shoo gets the songs at the last minute before showtime, she never knows who the guest is, she never knows which song they will perform and the first time she hears it is when she plays the song for the audience. The Special Guest is always the last song she plays in the Karaoke Meltdown segment, and for good reason. Experience has taught shoo to keep an inhaler around for after the song and she often has trouble talking through her own peals of very infectious laughter. The audience members who are with us in the Radio Meltdown chat room (available on our main website) also seem to get a big kick out of the Special Guest appearances.

Now that the segment has stopped for the rest of the season, we thought we'd take the opportunity to recap all the Special Guests who have appeared on Karaoke Meltdown this year and give our friends a chance to hear any of the performances they might have missed.

James Mason

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Peter Lorre

Jimmy Stewart

Toshiro Mifune & Ken Watanabe

Elmer Fudd

Walter Brennan

Richard Nixon

Mr Krabs (feat Sponge Bob & Patrick)

John Wayne

Edward G. Robinson

James Cagney & Humphrey Bogart

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MisiFaye and shoobie


24 July 2012:  The first official award is shared jointly by two listeners: MisiFaye, from and our own dj`shoobie, who both correctly guessed that the link was that all the tunes were Number 1 Hits from different years. [In actuality, I chose 40 songs – a number one hit from every year from 1973 right up to 2012].

Congratulations to both of you and excellent guesses from lots of other listeners!


“THEME TUESDAY” with DJ`Hells_Belle

Tuesday is very much a “not quite sure what to do for the show to get people interested” sort   of day. With my Friday and Sunday shows it always seems to come to me a lot easier, but for some reason, Tuesday shows are always a bit of a struggle to think up.

One of the ideas I have come up with recently has been the themed show idea, which I hope to run at least a couple of times a month. The idea is that all the songs on the show are connected in some way and it is up to the listeners to guess the link. The winner’s name will be posted on the blog following my show, so make sure you tune in on Tuesdays for a chance to guess the theme and earn my “Kudos To You" Award.